MFC r282973 (disable libgomp build) and r283060 (disable libgcov build)?

Don Lewis truckman at
Fri Jul 24 21:18:43 UTC 2015

On 24 Jul, Matthieu Volat wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Jul 2015 14:03:01 -0700 (PDT)
> Don Lewis <truckman at> wrote:
>> Should r282973 and r283060 be MFCed to FreeBSD 10?  On amd64 and i386,
>> which use clang as their base compiler and don't have gcc in base by
>> default, the math/scilab port uses clang for cc and c++ compilation,
>> but finds /usr/include/omp.h (and links to libgomp from lang/gcc). 
>> The build succeeds, but I suspect this may not run properly.
> Does it mean the door to an openmp-enabled cc in base is closed?

That is probably true for FreeBSD 10, since clang 3.4 in base doesn't
support OpenMP.  Even though <omp.h> and libgomp are present in FreeBSD
10, and using base clang to compile the test program here
<> succeeds, the resulting
executable only runs one thread.  There is probably more hope for
FreeBSD 11 if the runtime is imported, since clang 3.6 in base there at
least knows about the -fopenmp option.

> I'm not fond of lang/gcc as openmp "provider": if a port use c++, it
> will cause linkage headaches with libc++ (I never was able to have
> graphics/darktable working, for example).

You might want to try out lang/clang-devel with devel/libiomp5-devel.
See this thread on freebsd-ports@

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