10.2-Beta i386..what's wrong..?

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Wed Jul 22 08:31:03 UTC 2015

What's the panic?

As your using ZFS I'd lay money on the fact your blowing the stack, 
which would require kernel built with:
options KSTACK_PAGES=4


On 22/07/2015 08:10, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> Hi,
> yesterday I've decided to to put my old "Workstation" in my shack and
> to install a new FreeBSD on it, it is the computer I've used previously
> for my daily work, reading Mails, programming controllers and so on..
> It is am AMD XP300+ with an Adaptec 29320 and four IBM 72GB SCSI3 Disks
> with only 2GB of Memory.
> I've replaced a bad disk, reformated it so 512 Byte sectors )they came
> original with 534 or so for ecc),pulled the 10.2-Beta disk1 ISO file from
> the german mirror and tried to install on a zfs raidz1 which was going
> flawlessly until the point of booting the installed system, some warnings
> about zfs and vm... double fault, panic.
> Later I've read on the net that installing zfs on a 32Bit machine isn't
> really a good idea, so I tried to install the system on a gvinum raid
> on gpt partitions.
> The layout was gpt-boot, 2G swap and the rest raid on every disk so
> that I could build a striped 8G swap and ~190G raid with gvinum.
> Installing that worked flawlessly with the install point "shell and doing
> partitioning per hand". I've made a newfs -U -L root /dev/gvinum/raid,
> mounted the filesystem to /mnt, activated the swap and put an fstab in
> /tmp/bsdsomething-etc, exited to install.
> The installer verified the install containers (base.txz,kernel.txz and
> so on) and begun to extract them.
> So far soo good, but while extracting the system repeatedly hung on the
> very same location. On vt4 I could start a top that was showing an hung
> bsdtar process in the state wdrain and nothing other happened, the system
> took a long time to react to keypresses..
> I've tried to extract the distribution files per hand, same problem, tar
> hung on extracting kernel.symbols for example, same behavior on other files
> in base.txz.
> Ok, it is 10.2-BETA so I've tried 10.1-Release next...exactly the same,
> ok tried 9.3-RELEASE .. the same!
> What I'm doning wrong here?
> Besides of the bad disk that I've changed (IBM-SSG S53D073 C61F) the
> hardware is very trusty, it is a gigabyte board and I want to keep this
> machine since it has still floppy capabilites that I need to comunicate
> with my old CP/M gear and PDP11's. It run for years w/o problems.
> Capacitors are already changed and ok.
> Sorry for the wishy-washy error messages above, they are from my memory and
> from yesterday...
> Next try was installing the System on a 8G ATA disk that was laying around,
> went flawlessly, booted it and tried to install the files on the gvinum
> raid from there...same problem.
> Changed the 29320 against a 29160 ..same problem.
> No messages about bad disksor something on the console.
> What's going on here? The machine run on 8.4-stable before w/o any
> problems.
> Regards,
> Holm

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