10.2-Beta i386..what's wrong..?

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Wed Jul 22 07:19:36 UTC 2015


yesterday I've decided to to put my old "Workstation" in my shack and
to install a new FreeBSD on it, it is the computer I've used previously
for my daily work, reading Mails, programming controllers and so on..

It is am AMD XP300+ with an Adaptec 29320 and four IBM 72GB SCSI3 Disks
with only 2GB of Memory.

I've replaced a bad disk, reformated it so 512 Byte sectors )they came
original with 534 or so for ecc),pulled the 10.2-Beta disk1 ISO file from
the german mirror and tried to install on a zfs raidz1 which was going
flawlessly until the point of booting the installed system, some warnings
about zfs and vm... double fault, panic.

Later I've read on the net that installing zfs on a 32Bit machine isn't
really a good idea, so I tried to install the system on a gvinum raid
on gpt partitions.
The layout was gpt-boot, 2G swap and the rest raid on every disk so
that I could build a striped 8G swap and ~190G raid with gvinum.
Installing that worked flawlessly with the install point "shell and doing
partitioning per hand". I've made a newfs -U -L root /dev/gvinum/raid,
mounted the filesystem to /mnt, activated the swap and put an fstab in
/tmp/bsdsomething-etc, exited to install.

The installer verified the install containers (base.txz,kernel.txz and
so on) and begun to extract them.
So far soo good, but while extracting the system repeatedly hung on the
very same location. On vt4 I could start a top that was showing an hung
bsdtar process in the state wdrain and nothing other happened, the system
took a long time to react to keypresses..

I've tried to extract the distribution files per hand, same problem, tar
hung on extracting kernel.symbols for example, same behavior on other files
in base.txz.

Ok, it is 10.2-BETA so I've tried 10.1-Release next...exactly the same,
ok tried 9.3-RELEASE .. the same!

What I'm doning wrong here?

Besides of the bad disk that I've changed (IBM-SSG S53D073 C61F) the
hardware is very trusty, it is a gigabyte board and I want to keep this
machine since it has still floppy capabilites that I need to comunicate
with my old CP/M gear and PDP11's. It run for years w/o problems.
Capacitors are already changed and ok.

Sorry for the wishy-washy error messages above, they are from my memory and
from yesterday...

Next try was installing the System on a 8G ATA disk that was laying around,
went flawlessly, booted it and tried to install the files on the gvinum
raid from there...same problem.
Changed the 29320 against a 29160 ..same problem.
No messages about bad disksor something on the console.

What's going on here? The machine run on 8.4-stable before w/o any


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