python dameon coredumps when started from boot, but not by hand

O'Connor, Daniel darius at
Wed Oct 30 23:56:20 UTC 2019

> On 31 Oct 2019, at 10:09, Pete French <petefrench at> wrote:
> I opened an issue with Microsoft, including a gdb backtrace of the
> coredump agaist the python, but I feel this is probably something
> fairly straightforward which can be solved by some FreeBSD configuration
> that I am missing somehow.
> github issue is here:
> but I would be intersted to know if anyone has any thoguhts or advice on
> this. Running FreeBSD in Azure is something which has worked well for me
> so far...

Does it crash if you run it from the command line with 'env -i' in front?

That clears out the environment and will be a lot closer to the rc.d environment.

If that doesn't show anything then you will have to try capturing stderr from the rc.d run as that will hopefully have the reason why Python is aborting (ie what Py_FatalError is complaining about).

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