python dameon coredumps when started from boot, but not by hand

Pete French petefrench at
Wed Oct 30 23:39:31 UTC 2019

So heres an oddity - I have a service which runs under python3. It
works fine if I start it from a terminal as root, but when it is
started at boot the python interpretter itself coredumps.

The program in question is the latest Microsoft 'waagent' form
machines running in Azure. This apparently comes in two
pieces, one which starts up and then attempts to syart the other. It
is the latter part which is failing. The parent process launches fine
and repeatedly tries to launch the child, always coredumping before
it starts running any actial python it seems.

This must, I assume, be down to some dfference in the environment between
running a process from rc at boot and runnign with 'service waagent start'
as root at the command line. But I dont really have any idea what this
might be. The fact the first one starts but the second doesnt make it even

I opened an issue with Microsoft, including a gdb backtrace of the
coredump agaist the python, but I feel this is probably something
fairly straightforward which can be solved by some FreeBSD configuration
that I am missing somehow.

github issue is here:

but I would be intersted to know if anyone has any thoguhts or advice on
this. Running FreeBSD in Azure is something which has worked well for me
so far...


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