python dameon coredumps when started from boot, but not by hand

Pete French petefrench at
Thu Oct 31 10:19:40 UTC 2019

> Does it crash if you run it from the command line with 'env -i' in front?
> That clears out the environment and will be a lot closer to the rc.d environment.

Interesting idea, but no, that works fine. Annoyingly!

> If that doesn't show anything then you will have to try capturing stderr
> from the rc.d run as that will hopefully have the reason why Python is
> aborting (ie what Py_FatalError is complaining about).

So, I naiively tried to do this by simply sticking a '2> /tmp/waagent.stderr'
on the end of the rc.d command arguments, but it didnt produce anything (i.e.
an empty file was created). Will try some other ways though, as you are
right that getting the output from that is how to find the issue.


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