Issues starting unbound on boot

Paul Mather paul at
Tue Apr 30 20:10:30 UTC 2019

On Apr 30, 2019, at 3:44 PM, Markus Wipp <m.wipp at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I currently face an issue, where I don’t know further on why this happens  
> and what I could do about it.
> I hope that this is the correct list to ask my question. If not please  
> let me know where else I might try my luck.
> I installed unbound from ports, configured it and can start / stop it  
> from command line with service unbound start without any problems.
> But whenever I reboot the machine it just doesn’t get started. The only  
> information I was able to find out so far can be found in  
> /var/log/messages:
> root: /etc/rc: WARNING: failed to start unbound
> I tried to run with rc_debug=“YES” and got the following:
> root: /etc/rc: DEBUG: checkyesno: unbound_enable is set to YES.
> root: /etc/rc: DEBUG: run_rc_command: start_precmd: start_precmd
> root: /etc/rc: DEBUG: checkyesno: rc_startmsgs is set to YES.
> root: /etc/rc: DEBUG: run_rc_command: doit:  limits -C daemon  
> /usr/local/sbin/unbound  -c /usr/local/etc/unbound/unbound.conf
> root: /etc/rc: WARNING: failed to start unbound
> uname -a:
> FreeBSD h01dc01 11.2-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p9 #0: Tue Feb  5  
> 15:30:36 UTC 2019      
> root at  amd64
> Thanks for any useful hints in advance

I don't know how useful this is, but depending upon how the unbound startup  
script is defined to start (e.g., the REQUIRE: and BEFORE: lines in the  
startup script), maybe it is set to start up too early, e.g., before  
/usr/local is mounted?  This at least would be one reason why it doesn't  
start up at boot but will start up manually from the command line.



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