Problem with STABLE-12

Paul Mather paul at
Wed Apr 17 14:07:50 UTC 2019

On Apr 17, 2019, at 9:44 AM, Filippo Moretti via freebsd-stable  
<freebsd-stable at> wrote:

> I previously reported that I was unable to boot my system with STABLE-12  
> of april 13 the system stop at Loading kernel modules.I installed  
> stable-12 snapshot of april 11 on a second disc to try to rescue the  
> first one.I could go on with my plan until I installed drm kmodand addedd  
> kld_list=/boot/modules/radeonkms.ko in /etc/rc.conf

I have a radeon graphics card, too.  Recently, I had a problem with the  
graphics/drm-kmod hanging on boot in multi-user.  My fix was to switch to  
graphics/drm-legacy-kmod, which at least lets the system boot again.  I  
figure the newer graphics/drm-kmod no longer supports my old radeon card.

> now also this second disk no longer boots,it stops in Loading kernel  
> modules.Further how can I mount ada0p3 partition rw on this second disc  
> considering that bot are zfs?(I could not figure this out mysel)I plan to  
> reinstall on the second disksincerelyFilippo

The easiest way to be able to edit the configuration of the existing system  
to fix things is to boot it in single user mode (press "2" from the loader  

When you get to the single user prompt, you can then mount your ZFS file  
systems for writing as follows:

	mount -uw /
	/etc/rc.d/zfsbe start
	/etc/rc.d/zfs start

You can then, e.g., edit /etc/rc.conf and remove the problematic kld_list  



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