Upgrading 11.2 -> 12.0 on EC2

Matt Garber matt.garber at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 19:32:45 UTC 2018

> On Dec 19, 2018, at 1:24 PM, Brian Neal <brian at aceshardware.com> wrote:
> Thanks, Matt. I did try the update procedure from the handbook and found the instance hanging on boot with a repeated socket error. If I have to rebuild from scratch, I’d prefer to find some jail/deployment-automation so I don’t have to manually rebuild everything on each release. FWIW, I did have to recreate the instance when moving from 10 to 11.

I’m assuming that error, ‘sockstat input size mismatch’, was encountered during the very first reboot to the new 12.0 kernel? In that case, perhaps there’s an EC2-specific issue at play, since at that point userland and package updates haven’t even come into the picture yet. I’ve performed several 11.2 -> 12.0 upgrades on Digital Ocean (KVM hypervisor) within the past week without any kernel problems, but in your case the safest choice could simply be new instances, one of the things thankfully made nicest by the various cloud providers.

I’d also very much recommend looking into some kind of new system automation to make things easier for you – whether it’s a full-blown official thing like Ansible or Puppet, or even just maintaining a giant shell script which you can use on fresh instances, so you’re not having to re-edit config. files by hand each time.

Matt Garber

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