Will 10.2 also ship with a very stale NTP?

Jamie Landeg-Jones jamie at dyslexicfish.net
Sat Jul 11 02:30:35 UTC 2015

John Marshall <john.marshall at riverwillow.com.au> wrote:

> I also note that phk@ was working on an ntp client which he hoped to
> offer as a replacement but that is presumably not ready yet.  I also
> note that we have current versions of ntp available in ports; but I'm
> talking about what we ship in the base system.

I realise you are talking about stable software in base, but for info,
phk's replacement is called 'ntimed' and can be found on github, and
also in /usr/ports/net/ntimed/ - it's unfinished and we are not advised
to run it on production systems, but living dangerously, I've been
running it on 4 servers for a few months with no issues (although I had
to make some 'glue' changes to make it stable.)

cheers, Jamie

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