X server crash in 10-1-RELEASE-p9 (kvm guest) with syscons

Emre Gundogan emre at gundogan.us
Thu Apr 9 18:51:14 UTC 2015

[Sorry for the previous unintended test message I sent to the list].

Hi. I had a bizarre X server crash after updating the packages on my KVM
guest running 10.1-RELEASE-p9 (Debian-8 host). X server with VESA driver
crashes with signal 4 (illegal instruction) when console is set to 'sc'
but not when it is 'vt'. After some tests, I've isolated this to be
related to QEMU, as same config VirtualBox instance runs updated
xorg/driver packages fine. I also tested it on a laptop with Nvidia
driver, and no problems there, too. The simple fix for me to get my KVM
instance back up and running XFCE4 was to set 'kern.vty=vt' in boot
loader conf. Although my problem is fixed, I am curious why the Xorg
update to 7.7_2 may exhibit such behavior in KVM.

Thank you,

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