no USB mice detected on GA-MA74GM-S2

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Mon Apr 13 18:38:33 UTC 2009

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 02:35:37 +0200, Michal Varga wrote
> 2009/4/13  <piotr.smyrak at>:
> >> ). A quick workaround is to attach your mouse (or any
> >> other USB device that dies during boot - mices, keyboards,
> >> card readers, etc. do this with FreeBSD 6/7's usb1 and
> >> Gigabyte boards) -after- all USB drivers are loaded and
> >> initialized. That always works.
> >
> > Unfortunately not in my case. I have tried this path before 
> > without success.
> Are you sure you plugged the mouse out, then powered the 
> computer on, and plugged the mouse back in only after 
> FreeBSD fully finished booting? To make it perfectly 
> redundantly safe, let's say, plugged mouse in at the login 
> prompt? Because I'm 100% positive (well, me and everyone 
> else with any recent Gigabyte board that I know) that 
> plugging the device in after the USB drivers are fully 
> will prevent the lockup and port timeout, always.

Yes, I'm 100% positive I tried plugging mouse after the boot up had 
finished. Honestly I am late asking here. I was struggling with 
this and looking for cases online for more than 2 weeks at least. 
And I came across your thread from 2007, too. 

> >> Still, having it properly fixed in usb1 drivers wouldn't
> >> hurt, of course,
> >
> > How do you go about that? I mean fixing a device in usb1.1.
> >
> Well, I guess that would need someone with both FreeBSD 
> USB expertise and some interest in fixing that bug (and 
> probably an access to particular Gigabyte hardware, though 
> as it seems so far, anything recent from Gigabyte and 
> probably AMD6xx/7xx based will do it). Anyway, I tried 
> reporting it back then in 2007, all I got was a bunch of 
> arguments about power source fluctuations, carbon 
> footprints, Windows, PS/2 mices (for christ sake..), and 
> well, being a lazy coward, I gave up. Maybe you'll be 
> luckier this time.

Well, I don't like the idea of giving up. I have been using the OS 
since the 90's, almost exclusively and that's the first time I got 
such unresolvable problems. But I need a functional work 

 Piotr Smyrak
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