Downgrade to 5.5

Marko Lerota mlerota at
Thu Nov 9 14:06:26 UTC 2006

Albert Shih <shih at> writes:

> Well....I known but I can do that now. Because I can reboot the server, but
> I can re-install (I don't have access to the console).

Good luck to you. It's very possible that after reboot you don't get ssh 
prompt :) Most servers have console and "remote cdrom" through java. IBM call 
it RSA adapter, HP and Sun ILO(M) cards. Maybe the server have these cards. 

>> FreeBSD was once known for good NFS performance :( 
> Yes...the same server running with 0 crash during 3.5 years in same
> configuration. 
> After I pass to 6.x (01/2006) I loose the count of crash
> FreeBSD is the best NFS server (and best OS I known).......long time ago :-((((((
> Personnaly I prefer to have a very stable NFS server, and I don't really
> care to have wpa or something like that.

Someone said on this list, that priority now are new features, so developers
have no time to fix bugs. I prefer stability over the new features also, and 
most of the people on this list I think. That's one of the reasons that 
I escaped from Penguins.

> I'm not developper, then I don't known the problem of FreeBSD, but I'm very
> sad to see the situation of 6.x (em problem, watchdog, crash etc...). Now
> I'm looking of OpenBSD....

I'm not developer also, but I think that OpenBSD and FreeBSD developers
share the code. At least for scsi controllers and ethernet cards. So it's 
possible to have the same problem on OpenBSD. Could someone enlighten me?

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