Downgrade to 5.5

Albert Shih shih at
Thu Nov 9 13:21:10 UTC 2006

 Le 09/11/2006 à 12:29:38+0100, Marko Lerota a écrit
> Albert Shih <shih at> writes:
> >> I tried regularly like it was upgrade but it was downgrade from 6-STABLE 
> >> to 5.4-RELEASE and it didn't worked.
> >
> > Event you build on a different server (a server running 5.x) ?
> No, on the same. It was disaster. It was in pre production :)
> Easier and quicker would be a clean installation. Down time could 
> be only 30min. With downgrade you only might get in trouble. 

Well....I known but I can do that now. Because I can reboot the server, but
I can re-install (I don't have access to the console).

> > I don't running QUOTA....
> FreeBSD was once known for good NFS performance :( 

Yes...the same server running with 0 crash during 3.5 years in same

After I pass to 6.x (01/2006) I loose the count of crash

FreeBSD is the best NFS server (and best OS I known).......long time ago :-((((((

Personnaly I prefer to have a very stable NFS server, and I don't really
care to have wpa or something like that.

I'm not developper, then I don't known the problem of FreeBSD, but I'm very
sad to see the situation of 6.x (em problem, watchdog, crash etc...). Now
I'm looking of OpenBSD....


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