Downgrade to 5.5

Fredrik Widlund fredrik.widlund at
Thu Nov 9 14:36:31 UTC 2006

Marko Lerota wrote:
> Someone said on this list, that priority now are new features, so developers
> have no time to fix bugs. I prefer stability over the new features also, and 
> most of the people on this list I think. That's one of the reasons that 
> I escaped from Penguins.
I agree to the above. I understand that the dev team are under a heavy
workload right now, are doing their best etc, but FreeBSD has been our
main platform for many years and since 6.x it has become a great problem
instead. We can no longer buy the hardware that used to work, we can't
afford unstable systems, and I'm not sure we can achieve a stable 6.2 on
the hardware. If this continues we have no choice but to leave fbsd. I'm
not criticizing the fbsd team, I'm very grateful for their efforts, but
this is a fact of life for us and a major worry.
>> I'm not developper, then I don't known the problem of FreeBSD, but I'm very
>> sad to see the situation of 6.x (em problem, watchdog, crash etc...). Now
>> I'm looking of OpenBSD....
> I'm not developer also, but I think that OpenBSD and FreeBSD developers
> share the code. At least for scsi controllers and ethernet cards. So it's 
> possible to have the same problem on OpenBSD. Could someone enlighten me?
I'm a dedicated OpenBSD user since many years, and I haven't seen these
problems there, but then again I run other solutions on obsd. Imho obsd
tend to be less focused on features and 0-day support, and more focused
on auditing, stability and security. For example obsd doesn't support
pe1950 yet. For a router/firewall/dnsserver and similar solutions I'd go
obsd anyday. For, say, a performance optimized apache cluster I'd go
fbsd, but only if I could achieve stable system.

Kind regards,
Fredrik Widlund

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