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Albert Shih wrote:
>  Le 27/03/2006 à 07:46:04-0300, JoaoBR a écrit

>>is your card in polling mode ?
> Well I don't known what's that mean. I just look the ifconfig's man...I
> just use default config, and I don't think I use poling mode.
polling is described in polling(4) --> man 4 polling

> I don't understand : You think is better to put my card in polling mode or
> not ?
you can give it a try
ifconfig $interface polling
ifconfig $interface -polling
to disable polling...

>>It seems that sometimes and IRQ conflict is envolved and setting the 
>>IRQs/Slots better the timeout do go away or running the cards in polling mode 
>>also helps
>>For FXP you may also try to download the microcode with `ifconfig fxp0 link0` 
> Sorry but I'm no verry good in this....what's that mean ? 
according to what JoaoBR said and proven by the manpage (man fxp), it'll
download the microcode of your Network Card (if a microcode exists).

     link0  Some chip revisions have loadable microcode which can be used to
            reduce the interrupt load on the host cpu.  Not all boards have
            microcode support.  Setting the link0 flag with ifconfig(8) will
            download the microcode to the chip if it is available.

However, I'm not sure what you want to do with the microcode :)

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