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Thanks for you answers.

> is your card in polling mode ?

Well I don't known what's that mean. I just look the ifconfig's man...I
just use default config, and I don't think I use poling mode.

I don't understand : You think is better to put my card in polling mode or
not ?

> it seems that since a month almost all NICs are having the timeout/up-down 
> trouble on releng_6 and it is worse when running SMP kernel

OK I going to no-SMP kernel. 

> It seems that sometimes and IRQ conflict is envolved and setting the 
> IRQs/Slots better the timeout do go away or running the cards in polling mode 
> also helps
> For FXP you may also try to download the microcode with `ifconfig fxp0 link0` 

Sorry but I'm no verry good in this....what's that mean ? 

What's ifconfig fxp0 link0 do  ?


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