Fresh install on gmirror'ed disks?

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Sat Mar 4 00:11:48 UTC 2006

jonathan michaels wrote:
> craig, RAID no matter how simple is a step of complexity that is not
> warrented for the "Installer" as most people new to freebsd are new to
> unix and these days new to computing in general or have just enough ms
> windows under their belts/skirts to be a bloody nuisance to themselves
> and to every body else untill they get to a point where they are
> familiar with the language, understand reasonably well how things fit
> together and can handle html/a browser with some degree of competance,

How do you figure that having an installer setup a basic mirror for you 
is harder for novice users than making them find instructions how to use 
geom, and then going through the procedure... which can be complex for 
an existing system. There is nothing complex about mirroring in itself, 
and no one is forcing them to use this.

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