Fresh install on gmirror'ed disks?

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Quoting jonathan michaels <jlm at>:

> craig and the rest of the gang ...
> On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 03:54:33PM -0600, Craig Boston wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 03:36:17PM -0500, Mike Jakubik wrote:
> with some chunks removed for brevity ...
>> > It takes much more work, time, and complexity to 1) boot cd and
>> > install os 2) reboot to os and follow a complex procedure to setup
>> > geom based raid than it does to 1) boot cd, make gmirror with
>> > installer, install os.
>> Well, honestly, someone who is knowledgeable enough to set up a complex
>> _bootable_ geom based raid on an existing install would probably find it
>> easier to do what I usually do:
>> 1) Boot install CD and go to fixit mode
>> 2) Set up RAID the way I want
>> 3) Do a manual install by extracting the packages onto the new filesystem
> this procedure makes sence to me .. perhaps you would be so kind as to
> forward it to teh doc's people to have it included in a) the relevent
> RAID sections and b) the places that talk about initial installation
> and rebuiling a system with the explicit inten of adding/converting it
> it a network storage facility come RAID network media/hdd procidor
> facility. i've never had need for RAID i prefer to rely on my QIC
> storage its guarenteed for 20 (twenty) years storage/shelf life thats
> good enough for me.
> i think that RAID would be a good thing to add to a -STABLE system as
> most beginners (sorta like me thionugh i've been in teh freebsd camp of
> a bit over ten years now. i have a small network here that services
> several remote dialups we are building a text bibliogarphy/latex based
> document[ation-ing] system .. back to unixen grass roots ... grin.
>> That avoids the intermediate install and the hassle of migrating
>> partitions around.
> yup that sounds really good to me and when properly documented it would
> be a good feature to have at least to be able to say "go to page
> blabla" of the doc's set/handbook/or probably the FAQ set.
>> That said, I think it might be a good idea to have a few simple RAID
>> configurations in the installer -- say a full-disk mirror or something
>> relatively fool-resistant.  I'm sure patches would be welcome if anyone
>> wants to step up :)
> craig, RAID no matter how simple is a step of complexity that is not
> warrented for the "Installer" as most people new to freebsd are new to
> unix and these days new to computing in general or have just enough ms
> windows under their belts/skirts to be a bloody nuisance to themselves
> and to every body else untill they get to a point where they are
> familiar with the language, understand reasonably well how things fit
> together and can handle html/a browser with some degree of competance,
> i make this observation based upon my own experience and that of
> several peoples who have come to freebsd from linux a few from vaxen
> days and a fair contingent with a resionable gradiet from got my
> computer yesterday to got this miserable hard-disk replaced for teh 4th
> time and it still keeps on filling up over night, why do thes dhard
> disks keep filling up so quickly ???

This will (in more cases than not) lead to the necessary knowledge.

I would have to disagree with you last section here. I've been with
*/BSD/i for about 10yrs. and computers even longer. My experience
indicates that stupidity (ignorance) is the most loathed, best, and
most effective Teacher/ Professor that Life's experience has to offer.
Further; I don't think that it is a reason/ excuse to leave the option
out of install. It *almost* robs an individual from the opprotunity
to become more learned/ educated/ versed in the "goings on" and abilities
of *BSD(i). It also provides a "new" user with the knowledge of the
power that *BSD(i) has to offer. And (even) further more; it (*BSD(i)) is
*really* intended for (somewhat/ seasoned) administrators and ISP(s)
(synonymous?) anyway. So why deprive them for the sake of others? :)
None of this was stated out of anger or malice. I just felt the need to
skeak my 2¢ worth. :)

Best wishes.


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