Fresh install on gmirror'ed disks?

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Fri Mar 3 23:58:24 UTC 2006

craig and the rest of the gang ...

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 03:54:33PM -0600, Craig Boston wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 03:36:17PM -0500, Mike Jakubik wrote:

with some chunks removed for brevity ...

> > It takes much more work, time, and complexity to 1) boot cd and
> > install os 2) reboot to os and follow a complex procedure to setup
> > geom based raid than it does to 1) boot cd, make gmirror with
> > installer, install os.
> Well, honestly, someone who is knowledgeable enough to set up a complex
> _bootable_ geom based raid on an existing install would probably find it
> easier to do what I usually do:
> 1) Boot install CD and go to fixit mode
> 2) Set up RAID the way I want
> 3) Do a manual install by extracting the packages onto the new filesystem

this procedure makes sence to me .. perhaps you would be so kind as to
forward it to teh doc's people to have it included in a) the relevent
RAID sections and b) the places that talk about initial installation
and rebuiling a system with the explicit inten of adding/converting it
it a network storage facility come RAID network media/hdd procidor
facility. i've never had need for RAID i prefer to rely on my QIC
storage its guarenteed for 20 (twenty) years storage/shelf life thats
good enough for me.

i think that RAID would be a good thing to add to a -STABLE system as
most beginners (sorta like me thionugh i've been in teh freebsd camp of
a bit over ten years now. i have a small network here that services
several remote dialups we are building a text bibliogarphy/latex based
document[ation-ing] system .. back to unixen grass roots ... grin.
> That avoids the intermediate install and the hassle of migrating
> partitions around.

yup that sounds really good to me and when properly documented it would
be a good feature to have at least to be able to say "go to page
blabla" of the doc's set/handbook/or probably the FAQ set.
> That said, I think it might be a good idea to have a few simple RAID
> configurations in the installer -- say a full-disk mirror or something
> relatively fool-resistant.  I'm sure patches would be welcome if anyone
> wants to step up :)

craig, RAID no matter how simple is a step of complexity that is not
warrented for the "Installer" as most people new to freebsd are new to
unix and these days new to computing in general or have just enough ms
windows under their belts/skirts to be a bloody nuisance to themselves
and to every body else untill they get to a point where they are
familiar with the language, understand reasonably well how things fit
together and can handle html/a browser with some degree of competance,

i make this observation based upon my own experience and that of
several peoples who have come to freebsd from linux a few from vaxen
days and a fair contingent with a resionable gradiet from got my
computer yesterday to got this miserable hard-disk replaced for teh 4th
time and it still keeps on filling up over night, why do thes dhard
disks keep filling up so quickly ???

with kind regards


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