FreeBSD/Xorg/Openchrome Segfault

CK un_x at
Thu Aug 25 01:05:48 UTC 2016

Well, to add to this thread in the hope of fixing something so
that X11 works on VIA boards, this is what I have discovered
thus far:

9.3-RELEASE: uses the Xorg VIA driver 0.3.3_1

11.x-current: uses the Xorg VIA driver 0.3.3_6

So, they are essentially the same, and after recompiling the
9.3-RELEASE OpenChrome driver, and installing the 2 libraries
(, and 1 driver
(, nothing changed, the same segmentation
fault is occuring.  So it appears that Xorg broke the
functionality, since the driver remained essentially the same
(the libs diff-er, but the version numbers are similar).

After searching/reading some more, Phoronix seems to stay on top
of OpenChrome development, and this is a driver which seems to
have a lot of issues/problems/bugs, and someone on #Xorg said
VIA is not liked by many FreeBSD developers, so I'm unlikely to
get help on this issue; so, that's just great.  I didn't see any
red-flags or warnings in any FreeBSD docs when the boards were
purchased, and they are used as part of Fanless Mini-ITX
systems, and other than a cp/mv 'bug' between USB storage and
ATA storage devices (this causes a kernel crash, and 'cat(1)'
must be used to copy/move between such devices), the boards work
fine, and there is no intention to dispose of them, so any work
on drivers is appreciated.

That said, the OpenChrome driver is now up to 0.5+, far beyond
0.3.3, with a new developer actively working on the project, and
many Linux distributions incorporate 0.5+ ...  But I am not a
great enough hacker to do this for FreeBSD, and whether it will
resolve Xorg/OpenChrome issues is unknown to me.  But I am very
much 'screwed/fucked' at this time, because I have no graphical
windows interface or graphical javascript browser which are
requirements in my workplace.

So, I am still looking for any assistance in getting Xorg
working with any version of OpenChrome that will work.

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