FreeBSD/Xorg/Openchrome Segfault

CK un_x at
Thu Aug 25 01:11:54 UTC 2016

What kind of dumbass reply is this?  Why even bother to make
such a reply?  What do you know about anything?  FYI, I have
been running FreeBSD for over 20 years, and spent over 1/2 a
decade helping people on this maillist from 1995-2000+, and my
"business" is not for monetary gain, it is for the benefit of
people and this world, on extremely critical+serious
technological topics that few in the world could understand,
while I barely sustain on less than $4000/year.

I've been busy trying to research this problem while Steve made
a reply.  I have half a website dedicated to FreeBSD code in
service to others.  Please, don't reply with further asshole
comments like this, it serves no purpose other than broadcasting
your ignorance+idiocy.  Toodle-pip - very effeminate.

>   Frank Shute frank at
>   Wed Aug 24 21:20:15 UTC 2016
>> The reason I asked the previous question to this list is:
>> 1. It is difficult to believe a non-functional graphics driver
>> (openchrome) could get into the Xorg packaging system without
>> proper functioning being tested and verified.
>> 2. It would appear to be an openchrome problem, but I thought
>> maybe it could be due to the GCC->Clang transition.
>You've made a whole pile of assumptions there that may or may not be true.
>Steve politely pitched it to you that you were using an archaic application on
>an archaic version of an OS for an architecture that not a lot of people use
>these days and you may be advised to upgrade your system and/or application
>I don't know why but I didn't receive a copy of your reply to him thanking him
>for his observations and spending his time on the matter.
>> Anyway, this has totally 'screwed' my business, since all
>> machines use this driver, and none have a windowing system now.
>I'm sure you'll be happy to point out what contributions you or your business
>have made to FreeBSD.
>Feel free to post URLs of commits you have made to src, ports or docs. Any
>monetary contributions you have made to the Foundation or to port maintainers
>who maintain the ports your business depends on.
>Even answers to other user's questions on this list that you have made would
>be a start....
>Until then: best of luck with your business!
>Toodle pip!

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