build errors after upgrading editors/emacs to version 26.1

Joseph Mingrone jrm at
Wed May 30 01:17:12 UTC 2018

Hello maintainers,

Poudriere tests of all 'USES=emacs' ports with the latest editors/emacs
(version 26.1) resulted in the following errors in either 10i386 or
11amd64 jails:

editors/tamago (hrs@)
mail/mu4e (hrs@)
japanese/mozc-server (hrs@)
deskutils/howm (kuriyama@)
net/tramp (kuriyama@)
databases/bbdb (dryice@)
graphics/xface.el (ports@)
japanese/yc.el (t at
net-im/jabber.el (max.n.boyarov at
www/emacs-w3m (nobutaka@)

Follow these URL for details:

Unless I hear any objections, I will likely go ahead with the
editors/emacs update tomorrow afternoon (UTC) and will mark these ports

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