Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Stefan Blachmann <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 17:55:40 UTC
On 11/30/21, Stefan Esser <> wrote:
> ULE does not care for the "niceness" of a process and lets nice -19
> processes run with hardly any reduction of the share of CPU cycles
> granted compared to competing nice 0 processes, for example.

I can confirm this... always believed it's just me.
I'd like very much if renicing would have more, actually usable, effect.

On 11/30/21, Jason Bacon <> wrote:
> If your nVidia cards are basically landfill, like some of mine, and you
> don't care about 3D support, xf86-video-nv still works in some case that
> would otherwise call for v304.  I wonder if it would be a simple matter
> to add support to it for some additional older hardware supported by
> v340.  Yes, I know nv is deprecated, but this may be the only solution
> for ancient hardware.

Actually xf86-video-nv overlaps into the range of what is supported by
Practically all nvidia proprietary drivers overlap in their range of
supported cards with the "adjacent" versions.
So it is common, for example, to see the newer ones of the cards that
are supported by 390 are still supported by, for example, 470, while
the older ones still supported by 390 are supported by 340, too, but
not by 4xx.

The bad thing now is that with nvidia having already dropped 304 and
340 support, the next xorg ABI change will render the "middle field"
(eg not yet historic, but not yet very new either) of nvidia cards
useless on FreeBSD if there is no nouveau port.

On 11/30/21, Floyd, Paul <> wrote:
> However I'm not sure that porting nouveau will help. My experience on
> Fedora is that nouveau simply never works.

Never used Fedora. Maybe it's because Fedora is very close to
commercial RHEL which might be not really targeted at desktop?
Personally, I never have tried Fedora, but used several other distros.
Nouveau always worked fine for me. So no idea what's the cause the
difficulties you are experiencing on Fedora.

On practically every Linux distro Nouveau is the quasi standard driver
for any type of Nvidia cards, as the proprietary Nvidia drivers are
non-free category.
So I think one can consider Nouveau as very well-tested and reliable
and that porting it to FreeBSD would be worthwhile, profiting many
users who would else either have to buy a new graphics card or migrate
to Linux.