Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Jason Bacon <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 13:50:30 UTC
On 11/30/21 05:53, Floyd, Paul wrote:
>> Message du 24/11/21 11:08
>> De : "Stefan Blachmann"
>> Port nouveau to FreeBSD.
>> Reason:
>> There are ongoing changes in the xorg API which break older
>> proprietary Nvidia cards' legacy drivers.
>> In addition, Nvidia plans to drop/discontinue support for their 390
>> driver in 2022.
>> Nvidia already stopped support releases for their 340 and older
>> drivers so that a lot of Nvidia graphics cards can no longer be used
>> on FreeBSD already or will be unusable very soon.
> That's bad news that I hadn't seen.
> However I'm not sure that porting nouveau will help. My experience on 
> Fedora is that nouveau simply never works.
> A+
> Paul

If your nVidia cards are basically landfill, like some of mine, and you 
don't care about 3D support, xf86-video-nv still works in some case that 
would otherwise call for v304.  I wonder if it would be a simple matter 
to add support to it for some additional older hardware supported by 
v340.  Yes, I know nv is deprecated, but this may be the only solution 
for ancient hardware.

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