Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Floyd, Paul <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 14:03:25 UTC
On 2021-11-30 14:50, Jason Bacon wrote:
> If your nVidia cards are basically landfill, like some of mine, and 
> you don't care about 3D support, xf86-video-nv still works in some 
> case that would otherwise call for v304.  I wonder if it would be a 
> simple matter to add support to it for some additional older hardware 
> supported by v340.  Yes, I know nv is deprecated, but this may be the 
> only solution for ancient hardware.

No, not quite that bad. I do have one old workstation running Solaris 
11.3. If ever that gets upgraded, it'll also be most of the hardware in 
the box.

My FreeBSD machine has a GT-730 based card. When it boots linux, it uses 
the 390 driver. For some reason on FreeBSD 340 works but not 390 (at 
least that was the case when I installed, ~18 months ago, I should 
perhaps try again).