Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Mehmet Erol Sanliturk <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 18:59:11 UTC
On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 8:56 PM Stefan Blachmann <>

> On 11/30/21, Stefan Esser <> wrote:
> > ULE does not care for the "niceness" of a process and lets nice -19
> > processes run with hardly any reduction of the share of CPU cycles
> > granted compared to competing nice 0 processes, for example.
> I can confirm this... always believed it's just me.
> I'd like very much if renicing would have more, actually usable, effect.
> On 11/30/21, Jason Bacon <> wrote:
> > If your nVidia cards are basically landfill, like some of mine, and you
> > don't care about 3D support, xf86-video-nv still works in some case that
> > would otherwise call for v304.  I wonder if it would be a simple matter
> > to add support to it for some additional older hardware supported by
> > v340.  Yes, I know nv is deprecated, but this may be the only solution
> > for ancient hardware.
> Actually xf86-video-nv overlaps into the range of what is supported by
> nvidia-driver-304.
> Practically all nvidia proprietary drivers overlap in their range of
> supported cards with the "adjacent" versions.
> So it is common, for example, to see the newer ones of the cards that
> are supported by 390 are still supported by, for example, 470, while
> the older ones still supported by 390 are supported by 340, too, but
> not by 4xx.
> The bad thing now is that with nvidia having already dropped 304 and
> 340 support, the next xorg ABI change will render the "middle field"
> (eg not yet historic, but not yet very new either) of nvidia cards
> useless on FreeBSD if there is no nouveau port.
> On 11/30/21, Floyd, Paul <> wrote:
> > However I'm not sure that porting nouveau will help. My experience on
> > Fedora is that nouveau simply never works.
> Never used Fedora. Maybe it's because Fedora is very close to
> commercial RHEL which might be not really targeted at desktop?
> Personally, I never have tried Fedora, but used several other distros.
> Nouveau always worked fine for me. So no idea what's the cause the
> difficulties you are experiencing on Fedora.
> On practically every Linux distro Nouveau is the quasi standard driver
> for any type of Nvidia cards, as the proprietary Nvidia drivers are
> non-free category.
> So I think one can consider Nouveau as very well-tested and reliable
> and that porting it to FreeBSD would be worthwhile, profiting many
> users who would else either have to buy a new graphics card or migrate
> to Linux.

I am using Fedora KDE after FreeBSD 9. ( I think 2 ) because it is not
working on my computers ( mainboards are Intel ( using *915 ) produced for
Windows ) . Up to now , the most effective disadvantage was the
"scheduling" structure : If a program or programs starts to perform
continuous disk read-write operations , the computer  is becoming unusable
because interactive operation requests are responded with an annoying delay

Now , my hard disks in a computer have become unusable due to a
country-wise electricity fluctuation ( in Turkey ) . The Fedora KDE was
version 28 . To obtain a workable computer
as soon as possible , I have installed Fedora KDE 25 to use parameters of
the OS from a computer using USB HDD with Fedora KDE 25 . This install
converted my large number of compiled programs from open source
repositories to be unusable because of library versions mismatch .

Since all of the repositories are lost , I decided to install  Fedora KDE
35 ( last ) . The previous versions were working very well , but version 35
had lost such a "working very well"  capability . I have installed  Fedora
KDE 32 , with "no help" .

This means that the older hardware support has been dropped while they are
"working very well" .

This is the "gift" from our "blessers" .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

I have decided to install