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Stefan Esser se at
Mon Aug 18 10:38:13 UTC 2014

Am 17.08.2014 um 23:40 schrieb Pedro Giffuni:
> Il giorno 17/ago/2014, alle ore 16:09, Stefan Esser <se at
> <mailto:se at>> ha scritto:
>> Therefore, what you'd name "es_LA" (or es-la) is now latinamerican
>> (it could be "latinamerican-es" if you wanted to make the language
>> visible in the name). The country comes first, and if there is no
>> country code (e.g. because the keymap is used in many countries),
>> a longer name is used.
> That would, IMHO, be fine. What I dislike is that all other files are using
> two letter codes and meanwhile the latinamerican thing has the long
> name :-P.

Ahh, I see. Well, this long name is meant to stand out when looking at
the keymap files. If you use kbdmap to select a keymap, then it does
not matter how long the name is. And if you select the file by name
from within the keymaps directory, then a short name could easily be

And se-la would mean "Spain using the latinamerican language" ;-)
since the first part is the country, not the language.

But you are not suffering alone: there is "centraleuropean.iso", too.

> FWIW, I tried to change that in syscons but the reduced nomenclature
> came too late and changing names caused too much trouble in
> sysinstall..

I thought it was a good time since nearly all files needed to change
anyway, because of the removal of the encoding from the names.

Names in syscons are probably encoded in lots of rc.conf files, and
changing them might have been a big POLA.

one thing that I'm thinking about is whether we should have an
optional keymap_sc and keymap_vt in rc.conf, which allows to have
different keymap files when running under SYSCONS vs. NEWCONS.

This would be easy to implement, with keymap still being used,
unless the more specific variable for the console driver used has
an override.

I think I'll just implement this for -CURRENT and wait for opinions,
whether this should be merged to -STABLE ...

Best regards, Stefan

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