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Pedro Giffuni pfg at
Mon Aug 18 14:35:45 UTC 2014

Il giorno 18/ago/2014, alle ore 05:38, Stefan Esser <se at> ha scritto:

> Am 17.08.2014 um 23:40 schrieb Pedro Giffuni:
>> Il giorno 17/ago/2014, alle ore 16:09, Stefan Esser <se at
>> <mailto:se at>> ha scritto:
>>> Therefore, what you'd name "es_LA" (or es-la) is now latinamerican
>>> (it could be "latinamerican-es" if you wanted to make the language
>>> visible in the name). The country comes first, and if there is no
>>> country code (e.g. because the keymap is used in many countries),
>>> a longer name is used.
>> That would, IMHO, be fine. What I dislike is that all other files are using
>> two letter codes and meanwhile the latinamerican thing has the long
>> name :-P.
> Ahh, I see. Well, this long name is meant to stand out when looking at
> the keymap files. If you use kbdmap to select a keymap, then it does
> not matter how long the name is. And if you select the file by name
> from within the keymaps directory, then a short name could easily be
> overlooked.
> And se-la would mean "Spain using the latinamerican language" ;-)
> since the first part is the country, not the language.

I should have been clearer: I meant la-es would be fine.

> But you are not suffering alone: there is "centraleuropean.iso", too.

Funny thing is almost all latin-american countries speak Spanish but in Spain
there is Catalan and other languages as well so when looking at the directories
(ls -la) the keyboards will look unordered. Sorting the keyboards by language
would be more natural, but I guess that as an exercise for the installer.

>> FWIW, I tried to change that in syscons but the reduced nomenclature
>> came too late and changing names caused too much trouble in
>> sysinstall..
> I thought it was a good time since nearly all files needed to change
> anyway, because of the removal of the encoding from the names.
> Names in syscons are probably encoded in lots of rc.conf files, and
> changing them might have been a big POLA.

Yes, we renamed the latin-american keyboard once (before I was a commiter)
and the related bug report remained open for some years.


> one thing that I'm thinking about is whether we should have an
> optional keymap_sc and keymap_vt in rc.conf, which allows to have
> different keymap files when running under SYSCONS vs. NEWCONS.
> This would be easy to implement, with keymap still being used,
> unless the more specific variable for the console driver used has
> an override.
> I think I'll just implement this for -CURRENT and wait for opinions,
> whether this should be merged to -STABLE ...
> Best regards, Stefan

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