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Stefan Esser se at
Sun Aug 17 21:09:36 UTC 2014

Am 17.08.2014 um 22:20 schrieb Pedro Giffuni:
> On 08/17/14 14:54, Stefan Esser wrote:
>> Author: se
>> Date: Sun Aug 17 19:54:21 2014
>> New Revision: 270114
>> URL:
>> Log:
>>    Attempt at converting the SYSCONS keymaps to Unicode for use with
>>    I have spent many hours comparing source and destination formats,
>> and hope
>>    to have caught the most severe conversion errors.
>>       Files were converted with a Perl script which I'll shortly
>> commit to the
>>    tools directory. This script is a much enhanced version of the one
>>    provided by ray@ and is expected to support the full kbdmap(5) syntax.
>>       The naming convention used is:
>>        <2-letter country code>.<variant>.kbd
>>       Only if there are multiple layouts for different languages:
>>        <2-letter country code>-<2-letter language code>.<variant>.kbd
>>       In nearly all cases, the keyboards are country specific, only.
>> Currently
>>    there is only one case where the language was added ("ch-fr.kbd" for
>>    the Swiss-French keyboard layout).
> My $0.02
> I think es-la could/should  be used for the latin-american keyboard.
> es is basically used only in Spain so it should be es-es

This has been discussed in the mail-list over quite a few days,
and in the end I think that Ed Maste was right with his suggestion
to just use country codes.

My idea was to use the locale IDs, which are of the form
<language>_<COUNTRY>. But keyboard maps depend more on national
standards than on languages. If you start with the language,
then you need to add the country, but if you start with the
country, you hardly ever need to support language specific
layouts. (The Swiss-French keyboard differs only in two keys
which have the shifted and unshifted characters exchanged.)

> This is just IMHO, and could easily divert into a bikeshed
> though.

It already kind of did, over the last few days ;-)

I spent quite some time discussing the naming scheme and that
time could have been spent on the conversion and review process,
instead ... But I really think that the scheme suggested be Ed
is a good one - it is simple and uses the selector everybody
knows (the country code as used in domain names), while the
language codes are often hard to remember (and SYSCONS keymaps
existed with either one used to name them, as a result).

Therefore, what you'd name "es_LA" (or es-la) is now latinamerican
(it could be "latinamerican-es" if you wanted to make the language
visible in the name). The country comes first, and if there is no
country code (e.g. because the keymap is used in many countries),
a longer name is used.

Sorry, if this is not what you'd have used. Up until two days
ago, I also was in favour of the locale based names. But (just)
the country is much more intuitive selector (and it works for
nearly all countries - and it is easy to support those few that
need both country and language ...)

Best regards, STefan

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