svn commit: r270114 - head/share/vt/keymaps

Pedro Giffuni pfg at
Sun Aug 17 20:20:30 UTC 2014

On 08/17/14 14:54, Stefan Esser wrote:
> Author: se
> Date: Sun Aug 17 19:54:21 2014
> New Revision: 270114
> URL:
> Log:
>    Attempt at converting the SYSCONS keymaps to Unicode for use with NEWCONS.
>    I have spent many hours comparing source and destination formats, and hope
>    to have caught the most severe conversion errors.
>    Files were converted with a Perl script which I'll shortly commit to the
>    tools directory. This script is a much enhanced version of the one
>    provided by ray@ and is expected to support the full kbdmap(5) syntax.
>    The naming convention used is:
>     <2-letter country code>.<variant>.kbd
>    Only if there are multiple layouts for different languages:
>     <2-letter country code>-<2-letter language code>.<variant>.kbd
>    In nearly all cases, the keyboards are country specific, only. Currently
>    there is only one case where the language was added ("ch-fr.kbd" for
>    the Swiss-French keyboard layout).

My $0.02
I think es-la could/should  be used for the latin-american keyboard.
es is basically used only in Spain so it should be es-es

This is just IMHO, and could easily divert into a bikeshed though.

>    I choose to write Unicode character codes as hex numbers. While this
>    increases the diff to the SYSCONS keymap files for the trivial cases
>    (conversion from ISO8859-1), it really helps to verify the more complex
>    cases against a Unicode table (which is indexed by hex numbers).
>    This commit does not cover all files that have been converted, since I
>    need to sort out which ones to use, if there were several with different
>    source encodings to choose from.
>    Review and test of the keymap files is highly desirable before 10.1 is
>    released. I'd also appreciate educated opinions regarding the optimum
>    variant (to be made available as the default for each language).
>    Since there are no NEWCONS keymaps in 10-STABLE, I plan to MFC after
>    the minimum allowed delay of 3 days, to allow at least a few weeks to
>    test and improve what will be in the next release.
>    MFC after:	3 days



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