Progress Report 2

Justin Edward Muniz jmuniz at
Mon Jul 8 11:27:54 UTC 2013

This progress report covers my Google Summer of Code activity from
June 25 to July first.

I am working on a project to provide graphical front ends for the
pkgng utility. More information about this endeavor can be found at

Though it is off topic, I wanted to share an opportunity I am taking
advantage of -- it may be of benefit to other students. My University
allows students to earn credits outside of the classroom in the form
of a Directed Study. My degree program also requires that I take on an
internship. I submitted a learning proposal to the dean of my
department and they decided that, for my degree, this experience meets
the requirements.

My focus for this project is providing the graphical user interfaces
that utilize the Qt and GTK+ APIs. Matt Windsor is working to create
a powerful pkgng back end for PackageKit, this project will based on
his work. In order to start my efforts on enhancing the existing
PackageKit front ends, I have decided to create a temporary, less
powerful pkgng back end. The reason why I wish to double handle
this work is so I can test the front ends effectively, as well as
identify additional requirements of the pkgng back end. In order to
maximize the intimacy of Matt's back end and these front ends,
such requirements should be identified as soon as possible.

All of that being said, I have made rapid progress in converting the
existing ports back end into a functional pkgng back end. This method
does not use the pkgng API. The ruby helper script is quite extensive
and pushed back my expectations of having the back end finished
during the week. From working with the back end code thoroughly, I
understand the way that PackageKit presents data; which should
be useful.

At the end of the week, I focused my efforts back to pk-setter: a back
end selector for PackageKit. I managed to correct some mistakes and
learn valuable lessons along the way. I beefed up the functionality of the
script, including nicely shutting down packagekitd before modifying the
configuration, and then starting it again. I currently have one bug
me from finishing the requirements of pk-setter: sed is not outputting the
modified configuration file. I am sure that a review of my sed
when I make the time, will provide quick resolution.

This weeks progress report is being presented to you rather later than I
would have liked. I hope that my tardiness has not caused anyone
I will try to be more attuned in the future. My progress report on the time
starting July second and ending the eighth will be available Tomorrow.
Thank you for your time, and your interest in my progress.

Happy coding,
Justin Edward Muniz

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