Status report: Pluggable solver framework for pkgng. Week #3.

Vsevolod Stakhov vsevolod at
Mon Jul 8 12:13:28 UTC 2013


Here is a list of tasks that were done over the third week:

- provides support has been added to pkgng: provides are abstract names 
that could be used by packages to create abstract dependencies, for 
instance, a perl module could depend on `perl' instead of a direct 
dependency on lang/perl59;
- conflicts and provides are populated in the database manipulation 
- conflicts and provides support has been added to yaml manifests 
parsing and emitting functions;

My code is placed here:

As the next step, I plan to implement the initial version of CUDF[1] 
generator - an interface to the number of external solvers.

[1] -

Vsevolod Stakhov

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