End of year Xorg status rant

Matthew Macy mmacy at nextbsd.org
Sun Jan 1 20:53:01 UTC 2017

  > I can understand taking inspiration from linux, I think wayland could be 
 > cool but if we do like it, take the idea and make it BSD do we have to wait 
 > for them to create it and then we follow? Enough about that for now. 

All the applications are tied to *a* framework. Wayland isn't intrinsically Linux specific, it's just that's the only platform that the graphics developers use. Wayland is only slowly becoming viable to X even with all the work being put in to it. I think that Ubuntu will eventually give up on Mir and switch.

 > On to the graphics card work, I have programed shaders and 3d things with 
 > opengl before but I really don't know or fully understand the intersection 
 > between the kernel and the hardware devices, especially since they are 
 > closed sorce; I will have to go learn that and see how to improve that 
 > situation on FreeBSD. 
We're lower on Maslow's than writing shaders. At this point we're happy to just keep the KMS drivers mostly working. To get an idea of just how much work is involved you might consider helping out with amdgpu or getting Nouveau to work on FreeBSD. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I don't think you understand the scale of the time commitment involved. If you are able to substantially contribute to making any of the KMS drivers work better and you don't let the inevitable frustrations of interacting with the community get to you or at least be reflected in your public interactions, being sponsored for a commit bit will happen as a matter of course. Sponsoring someone for a commit bit is a commitment of time and energy and is only taken for someone with an established track record - it is also very helpful to have a rapport with an existing committer (the lack of which is why many contributors end up languishing).

 > The next steps that I can think of is trying to find some Nvidia 
 > evangelists and see if they are interested in working with FreeBSD and 
 > having their devices have better support. 
Evangelists != money. If some data center operator tomorrow said that they'd buy 2000 pascal cards, but they had to be supported by FreeBSD, Nvidia would support would appear shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen.


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