End of year Xorg status rant

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This is a pretty interesting discussion indeed.

I sometimes wonder how feasible it will be to maintain those linuxulator
things. One reason why I came to FreeBSD was the way linux is headed.
Fedora is almost useless if you want to avoid gnome and pulseaudio

opensuse has runtime kernel patching but they didn't allow me to setup the
machine w/o installing a DM, I just wanted to login and manually startx and
they said I had to use some crazy config nonsense because "startx is

FreeBSD and linux seem to be going further and further apart, will it be
more work to port the linux stuff to FreeBSD instead of running the linux
stuff, is it going to turn into WINE? Is the linuxilator something that's
maintainable/ expandable in the long term or will the complexity come to a
point where it's more trouble than it's worth? I don't know the answer to
that question but it's worth asking here in the public.

I remember seeing a video where the guy said BSD didnt really have a
direction developers just sorta work on what they want but I don't think
this is totally true, the core team must have some direction they are
pushing BSD, I would be interesting to hear their vision of BSD in 5 years.

I agree that the FreeBSD graphics wiki is rough, I look at it and it's so
outdated and then there's no real help of where to go. You come on here and
ask and basically get told to kick rocks if you are even graced with a

I can understand taking inspiration from linux, I think wayland could be
cool but if we do like it, take the idea and make it BSD do we have to wait
for them to create it and then we follow? Enough about that for now.

On to the graphics card work, I have programed shaders and 3d things with
opengl before but I really don't know or fully understand the intersection
between the kernel and the hardware devices, especially since they are
closed sorce; I will have to go learn that and see how to improve that
situation on FreeBSD.

The next steps that I can think of is trying to find some Nvidia
evangelists and see if they are interested in working with FreeBSD and
having their devices have better support.

 ========== I could use help here if anyone one this list is one or know
anyone in nvidia, ping them or get me in touch with them plz ==========


On Sun, Jan 1, 2017 at 11:36 PM, Beeblebrox via freebsd-x11 <
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> Interesting discussion; thank you for all comments.
> I have several questions:
> * Is TrueOS/PC-BSD ahead of FreeBSD on the Desktop? If so, why? The answer
> is probably "depends on the card", but again, is it ahead of FreeBsd for
> certain cards and why? If it's because they have integrated Matt's work,
> why has FreeBSD not opted to do so?
> * Does the problem have anything to do with the Kernel Compat Layer for
> Linux (https://wiki.freebsd.org/linux-kernel)? I'm asking to understand
> the extent of the issue.
> * Other than that, perhaps we could try and slice this problem in the
> short term from another angle:
> Which GPU cards work (and are expected to work with new hardware) as of
> now? If anything, this discussion shows that the Graphics Wiki page (
> https://wiki.freebsd.org/Graphics) is inadequate for GPU selection.
> Perhaps it could be updated to a parametrised format showing functions by
> column each GPU card supports (rather than simply works"/"does not work").
> For example, as an immediate solution to my problem I would prefer (as I
> assume most others would) to purchase a new card that is confirmed to be
> working on multiple parameters rather than slog through a "hopefully soon"
> scenario for the next couple of years (I'm not on a laptop, btw).
> I'm still willing to contribute, but above solution would at least reduce
> frustration and increase my productivity. New systems would also benefit by
> selecting decent cards and reducing noise to the developers/list.
> Regards.
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