End of year Xorg status rant

blubee blubeeme gurenchan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 11:06:48 UTC 2017

I volunteer to be a committer. I don't care how hard it is but it's
something that I want to do.

I agree with the sentiment above that if people want to submit code, there
should be some way for things to have some reasonable time line to be
looked at.

This could be better organized maybe, I haven't run into that issue yet and
I would like to avoid it.

So there, someone who volunteers to start working on this issue at least
nvidia specific for now. I don't need hand holding but a lot of people on
this list can seem a bit jaded at times.

Probably a lot of people come in start and never finish, I get that it's
life but at least we can try to answer questions when people ask them, at
least give them a few responses to let them know that they aren't talking
to a wall. If you the list finds out the person is a waste of time then
they can be ignored.

But anyways, I found a simple piece of code that I plan on migrating to
FreeBSD because it will solve some of my issues, the goal is to get it to
FreeBSD as a port, here's the code: http://paste2.org/Av3zkMa8

I had a macbook first and freebsd updated trackpad support for mac is
awesome. I get a different laptop with a generic synaptic touchpad and the
support is pretty terrible, why? mac is such a niche device but so much
work was put into porting the trackpad software but synaptics is everywhere
and the support is god awful! I email the guy who started a long thread on
the mailing list about testing the device, no response.

anyways what I am saying is that if freebsd is looking for committers fine,
at least be a lil responsive to people who ask questions on the list,
sometimes people aren't stupid but like someone said freebsd has a lot of
moving parts. I have llvm 37 38 39 on my machine just to build specific
projects. I know my way around code not around BSD.

When I asked about the AMD drivers the guy basically said, get caught up to
where I am, then I'll help you. Go figure out how to get where I am.... yea
thanks that's helpful.

If FreeBSD wants more committers they don't have to make it a cake walk but
it should at least be responsive to people who request things, especially
if the request to add patches, no matter how elite the core is, their
eliteness cannot overcome the wisdom of new perspectives. Could they be
more responsive and not so i'm in my ivory tower looking down on your


On Sun, Jan 1, 2017 at 5:55 PM, Mark Linimon <linimon at lonesome.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 01, 2017 at 11:36:38AM +0200, dan_partelly wrote:
> > With all due respect, you guys need to take more seriously the process
> > and politics of contributions to FreeBSD.
> I've been trying to promote this for years and have made inadequate
> progress.  What are your suggestions?
> > Especially the core, they should make this a priority.
> Everyone seems to think core "drives" the project.  It doesn't.  It is
> more of a governing body.  Should it be more active?  Opinions vary.
> > The time frame for review is way too big
> Agreed.  I've not accomplished what I wanted to here, either.  What are
> your suggestions?
> > There is also something which I perceive as a lack of direction in
> > the project.
> It's a collective, not a hierarchy.  People work on what they want to
> work on.
> mcl
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