laptop recommendations for radeon driver testing

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Sat Jun 4 21:03:42 UTC 2016

I have no laptop recommendations for now (lack of information, need more
research), but in the mean time I can recommend this mini-ITX motherboard:

So if you cannot find a suitable cheap laptop, you could try getting one
of these Asrock QC-5000 boards.

I have this Asrock QC-5000/ITX (without wifi) on my server. It is the
best low-wattage NAS board I've ever used. Better than any Atom board
available, if you compare the wattage/performance ration and
features/price. It also has all the connectors you will ever need,
including video connectors.

The brute performance of the integrated AMD A4/Kabini processor is
pretty mediocre compared to intel i3/i5/i7 and the like, but it is
enough to drive most common desktop applications. It probably does NOT
have enough power to render 1080p h264 video without GPU decoding, but
720p should work.

According to this wiki article, Kabini should be a GCN 2nd Generation:

Also here it was mentioned that the HD 8330 in Kabini APUs is based on
the GCN architecture:

I ordered one from Germany brand new, and it cost me only around 75
euros (with shipping to Finland) at the time. Because these boards are
so cheap and awesome, it might be hard to find them sold used.

On 04.06.2016 09:31, Matthew Macy wrote:
> I have an Ivy Bridge, a Haswell, a Skylake, and a Cherry Trail based system for testing i915 - along with an Arrandale (T410) on the way. I have a Thinkpad e565, a Fury X, and a Fury Nano for testing amdgpu. However,  I have nothing that uses Radeon. After all the time I've put in to Intel (continue to put in :-/) I feel that I would be remiss in simply tossing the code out there and hoping that it works. This all a long winded way of saying please recommend a pre-GCN3 based laptop. 
> I know I could easily obtain a card, but my desktop isn't for crash testing, and my servers are for network testing and network cards don't seem to cohabit well. At least when I tried to put a GTX980Ti in next to a Intel Niantic 10GigE card the system didn't boot.
> Thanks.
> -M
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