laptop recommendations for radeon driver testing

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Sat Jun 4 21:14:25 UTC 2016

On 06/04/16 16:09, Arto Pekkanen wrote:
> I have no laptop recommendations for now (lack of information, need more
> research), but in the mean time I can recommend this mini-ITX motherboard:
> or
> So if you cannot find a suitable cheap laptop, you could try getting one
> of these Asrock QC-5000 boards.
> I have this Asrock QC-5000/ITX (without wifi) on my server. It is the
> best low-wattage NAS board I've ever used. Better than any Atom board
> available, if you compare the wattage/performance ration and
> features/price. It also has all the connectors you will ever need,
> including video connectors.
> The brute performance of the integrated AMD A4/Kabini processor is
> pretty mediocre compared to intel i3/i5/i7 and the like, but it is
> enough to drive most common desktop applications. It probably does NOT
> have enough power to render 1080p h264 video without GPU decoding, but
> 720p should work.
> According to this wiki article, Kabini should be a GCN 2nd Generation:
> Also here it was mentioned that the HD 8330 in Kabini APUs is based on
> the GCN architecture:
> I ordered one from Germany brand new, and it cost me only around 75
> euros (with shipping to Finland) at the time. Because these boards are
> so cheap and awesome, it might be hard to find them sold used.
> On 04.06.2016 09:31, Matthew Macy wrote:
>> I have an Ivy Bridge, a Haswell, a Skylake, and a Cherry Trail based system for testing i915 - along with an Arrandale (T410) on the way. I have a Thinkpad e565, a Fury X, and a Fury Nano for testing amdgpu. However,  I have nothing that uses Radeon. After all the time I've put in to Intel (continue to put in :-/) I feel that I would be remiss in simply tossing the code out there and hoping that it works. This all a long winded way of saying please recommend a pre-GCN3 based laptop.
>> I know I could easily obtain a card, but my desktop isn't for crash testing, and my servers are for network testing and network cards don't seem to cohabit well. At least when I tried to put a GTX980Ti in next to a Intel Niantic 10GigE card the system didn't boot.
>> Thanks.
>> -M
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I *think* I have one of those as well (is there a 'sysctl' incantation 
that will tell me ?), the board on this machine as I type this, *LOVE* 
it. Just wish the gfx acceleration worked ;-/ ....


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