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> Hi guys!
> Sorry to be so behind the times, but I have a Presario CQ60 (a COMPAQ
> laptop,) and need instructions to configure X.
> I'm running FreeBSD v7.2, with library packages from 7.4.
> I did put up 10.2, and that came up fine with X, except I'm a C developer
> and nothing I have seems to be compatible with the clang or the gcc48 C
> compilers.  Sigh.
> So for now I am stuck in v7.2 and I would very much like to run X.
> I've enabled hald and dbus, and know I have to do something with the
> mouse, as in AllowEmptyInput but I have tried various combinations and am
> stuck.
> Also I get a message about fbdev not loading.  Really, I am not an X person

You really don't supply much information about the problem, so answering is
hard. At a minimum, please tell us what graphics card the system has and
tell us what won't work.Logs (such as Xorg.0.log) might help, too.

The fbdev message is legitimate, but of no significance on a standard X

AllowEmptyInput is a very bad idea. See for a good description of
why and what should be done instead.

FreeBSD 7 passed end of life a very long time ago and getting any
reasonably modern X to work on it will not be trivial.

You say that clang and gcc4.8 won;t work for you. The ancient gcc on 7.2
lacks compliance with modern C standards and is full of bugs, while clang
and gcc48 and be run with options to build with older C syntax. I'm not
sure that K&R is still supported, but I suspect that at least gcc does and
newer C standards are supported. See documentation for the -std option. You
really are not likely to get much help or support for 7.2. (Note! I am NOT
a C programmer and have not been for many, many years, so I'm not going to
be much help, either, for C issues.)
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