now here's a weird request, only about six years late

Jules Gilbert repeatable_compression at
Mon Nov 23 22:40:15 UTC 2015

Hi guys!

Sorry to be so behind the times, but I have a Presario CQ60 (a COMPAQ 
laptop,) and need instructions to configure X.

I'm running FreeBSD v7.2, with library packages from 7.4.

I did put up 10.2, and that came up fine with X, except I'm a C 
developer and nothing I have seems to be compatible with the clang or 
the gcc48 C compilers.  Sigh.

So for now I am stuck in v7.2 and I would very much like to run X.

I've enabled hald and dbus, and know I have to do something with the 
mouse, as in AllowEmptyInput but I have tried various combinations and 
am stuck.

Also I get a message about fbdev not loading.  Really, I am not an X 

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