now here's a weird request, only about six years late

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Tue Nov 24 02:30:09 UTC 2015

It is unlikely you can even get running on FreeBSD 7.X, since version 7 has been unconditionally obsoleted a long time ago.

The software from FreeBSD ports collection, such as, are only guaranteed to be compatible with supported FreeBSD releases. Currently supported releases are 9.3 and 10.1 and 10.2. The oldest supported release 9.3 will be obsoleted December 31 2016, afaik.

Because software changes fast these days, ports maintainers only aim to patch the software to work with supported releases. It would be too much work to maintain compatibility with releases obsoleted years ago. For example, all of the versions in ports require a FreeBSD kernel providing the DRM2/KMS (kernel mode setting) graphics API. The older version of that did not require such was too problematic to patch to keep running, because it was abandoned upstream long ago. FreeBSD kernel version 7.2 does NOT and never will provide the interfaces required by the modern, upstream supported The oldest FreeBSD release that still works with the available is version 9.3.

So unfortunately it seems that if you want and many other applications to work, the most rational decision would be to upgrade to version 10.2.

However, you did mention that clang does not support your C source files written using an older or non-standard notation. Have you consulted the gcc man pages, especially the -std switch? With the -std switch you can command GCC to use a specific C-dialect. If that does not help ... then you simply must update your source files to adhere to, say, ANSI-C or some later C-language standard.

On 24.11.2015 0:37, Jules Gilbert via freebsd-x11 wrote:
> Hi guys!
> Sorry to be so behind the times, but I have a Presario CQ60 (a COMPAQ laptop,) and need instructions to configure X.
> I'm running FreeBSD v7.2, with library packages from 7.4.
> I did put up 10.2, and that came up fine with X, except I'm a C developer and nothing I have seems to be compatible with the clang or the gcc48 C compilers.  Sigh.
> So for now I am stuck in v7.2 and I would very much like to run X.
> I've enabled hald and dbus, and know I have to do something with the mouse, as in AllowEmptyInput but I have tried various combinations and am stuck.
> Also I get a message about fbdev not loading.  Really, I am not an X person.
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