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User & Robinson greg at ltcc.com
Sat Oct 13 07:05:28 PDT 2007

On Friday 12 October 2007 20:48, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> [Please don't top-post]
Ugh, spending too many years with Outlook, sorry.
> On 2007-Oct-12 18:35:04 -0400, Greg Robinson <greg at ltcc.com> wrote:
> >Yes, I suspect you are correct, I am fussing with portmanager &
> > portsupgrade as two apps to reestablish a clean ports environment.
> portmanager & portupgrade are functionally equivalent.  Trying to use
> both is likely to cause confusion both for you and the tools - you would
> be better off settling on one.
I did not realize that, (perhaps I'm not reading the manual carefully) This 
snippit of information makes my observations easier to understand. I will 
re-approach ports install and usage with a new frame of reference.
> >Thus far I have not found the correct sequence of commands to get ports
> >clean.
> I'm not sure about portmanager but portupgrade is only intended to
> manage installed ports, not the ports tree itself.  You should use
> something like portsnap to manage the ports tree.
> portsnap may be able to recover your ports tree but if you are in doubt,
> you could delete the ports tree and start from scratch (or a -RELEASE CD)
> and re-run portsnap.
Yes, exactly what I did.
> If you problem is the installed ports themselves, judicious use of pkgdb
> (if you use portupgrade) can probably resolve the problem.  If not, a
> more detailed description of the problem should elicit some assistance
> here.
Just before this email was read - I did exactly that.
Now begins the process of making everything "current" if that is the right 

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