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Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at optushome.com.au
Fri Oct 12 17:48:48 PDT 2007

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On 2007-Oct-12 18:35:04 -0400, Greg Robinson <greg at ltcc.com> wrote:
>Yes, I suspect you are correct, I am fussing with portmanager & portsupgrade
>as two apps to reestablish a clean ports environment.

portmanager & portupgrade are functionally equivalent.  Trying to use
both is likely to cause confusion both for you and the tools - you would
be better off settling on one.

>Thus far I have not found the correct sequence of commands to get ports

I'm not sure about portmanager but portupgrade is only intended to
manage installed ports, not the ports tree itself.  You should use
something like portsnap to manage the ports tree.

portsnap may be able to recover your ports tree but if you are in doubt,
you could delete the ports tree and start from scratch (or a -RELEASE CD)
and re-run portsnap.

If you problem is the installed ports themselves, judicious use of pkgdb
(if you use portupgrade) can probably resolve the problem.  If not, a
more detailed description of the problem should elicit some assistance here.

Peter Jeremy
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