Confused about i915kms on 12.1

Pete Wright pete at
Sun Oct 13 20:04:16 UTC 2019

On 10/13/19 12:35 PM, Chuck Tuffli wrote:
> I've been running 12.0-REL on my X1 Carbon 3rd Gen happily with xorg,
> but after installing 12.1-RC1, the laptop reboots when loading the
> i915kms driver. If I comment out the line in /etc/rc.conf:
> kld_list="/boot/modules/i915kms.ko"
> the laptop boots, albeit without graphics. The above comes from the
> 12.0R release notes, and I didn't see any updates to this in the 12.1
> release notes. I've tried drm-kmod from both ports and packages with
> the same result. Did something change with 12.1? What should I check?
Best thing to do is rebuild the drm-fbsd12.0-kmod package from the ports 
tree.  i have had this issue as well while testing the BETA and RC 
builds for 12.1, and there is some breakage in the upstream packages 
causing this behavior.  removing the package, then doing a "make 
package" in the graphics/drm-fbsd12.0-kmod directory, then installing 
the resulting package in the work/pkg directory gets everything working 


Pete Wright
pete at

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