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Fri Feb 22 05:12:52 UTC 2019

On 21/02/2019 18:00, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> On 21/2/19 9:18pm, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
>> Are there plans for the Foundation to sponsor some work in this area?
>> Your point is, that the FreeBSD community should do regular testbuilds
>> for
>> and provide patches if something does not build or work, right ?
>> And, if necessary, fund someone to do that work ?
> Yes. Although I don't think there is a need to worry about the short
> term releases 9 and 10. Only the LTS branches like JDK11 are being
> supported by many OS vendors.
> My concern is that it might be beyond the capability of the open source
> community to do the amount of work required here in a timely manner, and
> so this might be an opportunity for the Foundation to step in and and
> ensure this vital work is done. Perhaps ongoing maintenance is easier
> once AdoptOpenJDK is brought up to speed on the BSD bits required.
I don't think this is beyond the open source community's capabilities at
all; quite the opposite. The real crux is individual priorities.

Please refer to the following PR:

The last comment there is exactly the point of what I had typed in an
earlier incarnation of this email message before I had some second
thoughts on just how rude it could come off.

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