Java support

Aristedes Maniatis ari at
Thu Feb 21 23:00:26 UTC 2019

On 21/2/19 9:18pm, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Are there plans for the Foundation to sponsor some work in this area?
> Your point is, that the FreeBSD community should do regular testbuilds for
> and provide patches if something does not build or work, right ?
> And, if necessary, fund someone to do that work ?

Yes. Although I don't think there is a need to worry about the short 
term releases 9 and 10. Only the LTS branches like JDK11 are being 
supported by many OS vendors.

My concern is that it might be beyond the capability of the open source 
community to do the amount of work required here in a timely manner, and 
so this might be an opportunity for the Foundation to step in and and 
ensure this vital work is done. Perhaps ongoing maintenance is easier 
once AdoptOpenJDK is brought up to speed on the BSD bits required.

Functioning Java is (IMO) a critical part of a modern server operating 



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