Java support

Aristedes Maniatis ari at
Mon Feb 25 00:19:36 UTC 2019

On 22/2/19 4:12pm, Charlie Li wrote:
> I don't think this is beyond the open source community's capabilities at
> all; quite the opposite. The real crux is individual priorities.

Right now there is no publicly visible work on porting Java 11 (the only 
version worth working on at this time I think). Someone may step up when 
it becomes important enough to them. Or not.

> Please refer to the following PR:
> The last comment there is exactly the point of what I had typed in an
> earlier incarnation of this email message before I had some second
> thoughts on just how rude it could come off.

Yeah, not especially helpful. Not everyone with a need for new Java has 
the technical expertise to work on something as complex as porting a 
JVM. I have considerable experience working in open source communities 
and I know that the right confluence of people and tasks are not always 
something you can predict.

I was hoping that either the FreeBSD Foundation might step up to this 
problem or else some contributors might discuss efforts happening behind 
closed doors. However I do think that a lack of modern Java is going to 
bite into the credibility of FreeBSD as a server platform before long.

Are the sponsors behind the AdoptOpenJDK project interested in FreeBSD 
as a platform? Are there conversations happening there to try and get 
FreeBSD including in their test farm? Can the FreeBSD project assist by 
making servers available, especially with the rumours of Travis downsizing?




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