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We also started with the current in-base package system, but ultimately abandonded it for a variety of reasons that made unsuitable for us to use in FreeNAS. Some of those were the chaos with having so many hundreds of packages, and the issues when you started combining them with various WITH_*/WITHOUT_* flags. This system doesn't touch the FreeBSD build  and instead allows building source / packages directly from ports and poudriere. (Keeping base and ports in sync far easier)

"TrueOS-inspired" was just reference to the fact we've been incubating this in TrueOS for about 6 months now to shake out some issues and test our designs. The hope is to envigorate the FreeBSD project to have a discussion about getting real base packages in a release sooner rather than later, especially since current efforts seem somewhat stalled. We're hoping the design we're using here is compelling enough that it can be adopted in FreeBSD.

Some cool asides, being able to 'pkg install src' and have /usr/src be kept in sync with the current packages is super handy. 😉

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> FreeBSD Community,
> I'm pleased to announce a CFT for builds of FreeBSD 12-stable and 
> 13-current using "TrueOS-inspired" packaged base. These are stock 
> FreeBSD images which will allow users to perform all updating via the 
> 'pkg' command directly.
> Rather than trying to answer all questions in this announcement, we've 
> created a FAQ page with more details. Please refer to this page, and 
> let us know if you have additional questions that we can include on 
> that page going forward.

I currently keep my FreeBSD/arm and FreeBSD/arm64 systems up to date via PkgBase in FreeBSD 12.  It works well for me (crossbuilding and hosting the PkgBase repository on a FreeBSD/amd64 system).

What is the difference between the above CFT-created PkgBase and one created via "make packages" using the native build system (  Looking at the FAQ you linked (, it seems the above CFT system is less granular than the one currently produced via the in-tree "make packages" (which could be a good thing from a simplicity standpoint).  Is there anything else?

Is the above CFT-produced packages the system that will ultimately become the way packaged base is produced in FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE, or is it just an alternative you want people to try out and evaluate?  I guess I'm not clear what "TrueOS-inspired" packaged base means. :-)



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