iSCSI booting with isboot

O'Connor, Daniel darius at
Thu Sep 6 00:58:54 UTC 2018

I am trying to setup iSCSI booting (mainly for testing an installer) but I am running into issues getting isboot to work.

I'm using isc-dhcpd to get the BIOS to load undionly.kpxe (from the ipxe package) and then using iPXE's sanboot command.

The loader runs and I can load the kernel and isboot.ko (from the isboot-kmod package) OK (although slower than I was hoping - not as bad as loading over tftp though..) but isboot fails to connect.

I see isboot print out the correct information (IP address, target IP and name) but after that it says..

BootNIC: em0
Configure: IPv6 by NIC0
Attempting to login to iSCSI target and scan all LUNs.
soreceive BHS is not complete
do login failed

The last two lines repeat many times (interspersed with other probe/boot messages) until I get to mount root.

The system sees the hard disk and CDROM but not the iSCSI device.

It is a VM (ESXi defaults for 64 bit FreeBSD) if that matters.

I did have to set on the iSCSI target machine because iPXE's initiator doesn't know how to respond to NOPs so it wouldn't connect.


Daniel O'Connor
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