iSCSI booting with isboot

O'Connor, Daniel darius at
Thu Sep 6 07:04:06 UTC 2018

> On 6 Sep 2018, at 10:18, O'Connor, Daniel <darius at> wrote:
> BootNIC: em0
> Configure: IPv6 by NIC0
> CHAP Type: No CHAP
> Attempting to login to iSCSI target and scan all LUNs.
> soreceive BHS is not complete
> do login failed
> The last two lines repeat many times (interspersed with other probe/boot messages) until I get to mount root.

I did some tcpdumping and it seems that there is iSCSI traffic but it stops and I am wondering if the ethernet card isn't getting tickled correctly so after a while it stops talking.

The traffic seems to be...
- 3 x NOP In
- Read LBA 0
- Login
- Read LBA 0
- Read LBA 0x40
- Read LBA 0x1
- Read LBA 0x641

The reads seem OK and have plausible data (MBR headers)

The last thing it sees are 3 x NOP In just after it looks like something (in the kernel!) reads /etc/services which seems pretty weird..

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